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Emini SP Trading Platform- How Do you Choose One?

How Does one choose a Trading Platfrom?

You should strive to find a platform according to your needs: experience, frequency of trading and technical skills. Some of the platforms are free, while other has a cost associated with them. Also, consider that some futures software companies provide both free and paid versions of their software, so you should become familiar with both version of the platform to make sure you do need the paid version. Also, consider whether you actually do need all the features that a platform offers before you go through any expense.

Here is a general guide to choosing a platform:

Stability: Technology is imperfect, and platforms are software. Make sure that during your demo period you run your program along with all the other programs that you must keep along. If there are programs that you don’t need during the trading hours disable them to allow full capability of the platform along with the data feed it provides. Ideally, during trading hours you should trade on a platform while everything else is disabled, such as: instant messenger, emails, browsers and other consuming programs that could affect the stability and feed execution.

Visual Appeal and Usability: It is very important that you could navigate through platform to discover the ease of execution, pulling the charts, depth of market and the ability to keep track of your trades. It does take time to discover all the features of the platform, but most basic features should be discovered upon point and clicking.
Beginners in particular should be looking for platforms that have a visual appeal where simplicity is applied while more progressive traders should focus more on the technical features.

Data Feed: Platforms should allow a choice when it comes to a data feed. You should be seeking low latency for fast execution and unfiltered data for the performance of your strategy.

Lastly, whatever software you choose PLEASE make sure you take the time to learn the software, it’s features and any potential bugs it might pose for you.

Trading futures and options involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results

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